Case Study: Prana

As a three-person team at DESIGNATION we were challenged with examining the current state of the health and wellness industry, identifying a problem and developing a solution. We set out to discover a related problem to answer the question of why people struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. After our initial research, we worked together to develop a meditation and mindfulness app that can easily be incorporated into a person’s life so that they can benefit from meditation and mindfulness even if they don’t feel that they have the time to dedicate to them fully.


Case Study: Privity

Our DESIGNATION team was faced with building a new product from the ground-up for a company wanting to bring a collaboration-focused online research tool to the law industry. Privity came about from seeing a massive inefficiency in legal research and a lack of communication among new lawyers. If there was a research tool that could save lawyers research time and therefore money, they would jump at the chance to use the product. 


Case Study: Vitrima

Vitrima came to us at the launch of their Indiegogo campaign for their 3D lens built as an attachment for a GoPro camera. They were looking to add a mobile app to their product line as an added value for their customers. The Vitrima lens allows its users to record film in 3D by using mirrors to create the Stereoscopic 3D natively in the GoPro. Although their team didn’t know exactly what they wanted to app to look like, they did know that they wanted a way for their users to share video content with their friends, family and fellow Vitrima users. Our team was brought onto the scene to conduct initial UX research and concept development.


Brand identity: novovino wine co.

While working as an Operations and Marketing Manager for wine distributer in Chicago, the owner communicated to me that they wanted to update their logo and website, which hadn't been touched since 2007 when the company began. I worked with the CEO and Novovino team to find an updated and classic look that the team could be proud of.