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About Me


Hello, I’m Emily, a UX/UI designer based in Knoxville. I am an empathizer and a true diplomat at my core and have found that it’s an ideal combination in focusing on user-centered design.

I built up my full-stack design skills at DESIGNATION in Chicago and applied them directly to our client projects. The program taught me the value of working on a collaborative team and pushed my creativity to a new level. With a background in marketing and operations management, I bring a unique, business-focused skill-set to each problem I encounter as a designer.

I’m passionate about design and find that it’s a focus in all areas of my life, from hunting for mid-century modern furniture to finding the perfect pair of glasses. I also love exploring the city on my bike, finding the best coffee and craft cocktails. One of my personal goals is to always be the “most-improved player” of my life.

I’m looking for professional development opportunities that will push me to solve problems in innovative ways. I’m always looking to connect with creative and passionate people and projects. I believe collaborating on a team makes my work stronger, so LET'S TALK!